Here at our cooperation, we value the importance

of security as on of our top concerns. As modern world Data become so much more valuable, we want to be trusted with our partners and vendors that devices here are firmly secured.

Its not just Recycling

Although it may seem that electronic recycling is very similar to what we do. However, our main purpose is to finding the end user for each of the products we distributes. We guarantee a 1 year warranty like the manufacturers and aim to provide each products we deliver are just as new!




Following our ISO certification standard, we implemented the most intensive diagnostics followed by complete data wiping as each devices come in and out of our facility. Leaving no data or information behind of the previous. 

- This is the only way they are "LIKE NEW" again!

  1. 24 - 7 ADT Alarm services with backup power and internally wireless calling capability.

  2. Staff Belongings Are Placed In personal Lockers.

  3. 24 - 7 Cloud video recording of the entire facility.

  4. Monitored Data & cloud services

  5. our facility NOT OPEN to public 

  6. Employment Background check

  7. Biometric / Facial recognition entry

  8. Secured & Restricted access to different level of staff

  9. Gated structure throughout the lot